Dating after 60: Tips for great conversation during your first date

When you meet someone for the first time, they will remember three things: the way you looked, the way you made them feel, and the conversation. People usually want to have a relationship with someone they are physically attracted to, someone who gives them attention, and to whom they have meaningful conversations.

We’ll help you have a great conversation and have fun on your first date. While having a great conversation, you’ll laugh more, show interest in your date, build rapport, create a connection, and make a good impression. We’ll help you practice patience, listen deeply, and be more proactive in deciding what topics you want to discuss while simultaneously getting to know your date better.

Be a good listener

Most people are awful listeners. They are too talkative and focus on themselves. Listen to conversations between friends and couples the next time you are out and about. You’ll probably hear each person talk about themselves a lot while giving little attention to the man or woman they are talking with.

In most conversations, what appears to be listening is someone waiting their turn to speak. A good listener focuses on what another person is talking about and responds to them in thoughtful ways. If you are a good listener, people will think you are friendly, kind, understanding, and attentive. Being a good listener is especially important during the first date when you and your data are deciding if you have chemistry or share similar interests. Remember, most people are nervous during dates and either become quiet or too talkative. Show the man or woman that you are listening by asking follow-up questions and showing interest in their passions.

Avoid controversial topics

Avoid controversial topics when picking topics for a first date or when having a conversation on the phone. This will help avoid uncomfortable situations. Some of the most controversial topics are politics, religion, homeschooling, and vaccines. While political and religious beliefs are important aspects of compatibility, save the political talk for future dates or phone calls (in case conversations become too heated).

Make a list of things to talk about

Be prepared to talk about things that are interesting to you and your date. If you met the guy on a dating app and his online profile features pictures of him fishing, ask him how often he goes fishing and his favorite fishing spot. This shows interest in his activities and a willingness to learn more about him. If a guy’s online profile includes pictures of him rock climbing, ask him about how he started rock climbing and how often he goes.

Don’t talk about your ex

Do not talk about your ex, especially if it was a bad breakup. Talking about your ex may signal that you are not over them or are not ready to start a new relationship. Remember, you are here to have fun, create new experiences, and possibly find new love. If you make a mistake and start talking about your ex, change the conversation immediately. 

Don’t talk about bad news

It is important to save the bad news for later. Most people are not interested in knowing about your problems at work, financial struggles, or health issues until they have become emotionally invested in you. During the beginning of a relationship, it is important to be honest, while also not showering the person with bad news.

How to start a conversation on a date

Talking with someone you recently met can be challenging. Avoid ackward silence on a date with our list of conversation starters.


  • What is your favorite type of music?
  • What what was your first concert
  • What are the last 5 songs you recently listened to?
  • Do you enjoy going to concerts?
  • What is your favorite concert venue?


  • What was the last movie you watched?
  • If you could only watch 3 movies for the rest of your life, which 3 would it be?
  • What movie do you turn to when you need a good laugh?


  • What is your favorite food?
  • Do you enjoy to cook?
  • If you had an unlimited budget at your favorite restaurant, what would you order?

Significant moment

  • What are you most proud of?


Having a great conversation is a key part of having a good first date. One of the most important parts of having a great conversation is to be a good listener. We created a list of conversation starters and conversation questions to help determine if you have similar interests and passions. Also, show interest in your date’s hobbies and favorite activities and stay away from controversial topics like politics, vaccines, homeschooling, and religion.