Expectations men older than 60 have of women when dating

Men over the age of 60 have specific expectations when dating. These expectations are even more complicated after several years of love and loss. Older men tend to have specific relationship expectations that are often driven by societal expectations and gender roles. Men who are highly educated are often more flexible with gender-specific expectations.

Men expect women to be physically attractive and to take care of their appearance.

Unfortunately, looks are an important part of dating. Your first interaction with someone is heavily influenced by appearance. When posting photos on social media and dating apps or websites, choose clothing and backgrounds that highlight your appearance. Include pictures that show you being friendly, happy, and carefree. Keep in mind that your hairstyle can enhance your looks by highlighting confidence and independence while also showing that you are successful, down-to-earth, and fun to be around.

Men look for women who are trustworthy and make them feel special

One of the easiest ways to signal trustworthiness is to engage in good conversation and be a good listener. When a man feels listened to, he also feels special and supportive.

Men want to date women who are fun to be around

This isn’t exclusive to men. We all want to have fun with our significant other. Being fun includes being spontaneous, outgoing, and independent.

Expectations older men have when dating

What men expect of women after 60 is very similar to what they looked for when they were younger. Men look for women:

  • are still interested in sexual intimacy;
  • who are attractive and takes care of themselves;
  • who is funny and will laugh at their jokes;
  • who have a friendly and enthusiastic personality;
  • who is patient and will put up with their bad habits;
  • who are happy; and
  • women who are supportive and make them feel like they are the most desirable man in the world.

Men also look for respectful women who are understanding of their flaws and have a great sense of humor.

Older men who date younger women

Some men over the age of 60 go through a stage where they choose to date younger women, but most discover that the age gap is too wide to bridge. For example, a younger woman might have young children and wish to have another child, whereas a man over 60 usually does not want to have children or be responsible for other people’s children. The interests, goals, and histories of two people with a significant age gap are often drawbacks to a serious future. Many men over 60 discover that dating a younger woman requires a lot of energy that they do not have. After dating a younger woman, some men decide that they need to be realistic and look for a woman closer to their age.

If you are an older woman browsing through profiles of older men on Match.com, and you see a 60-year-old man who has an age preference of 33 and older, it is probably in your best interest to continue looking. However, if you see a man interested in someone 50 and older, this indicates he is more serious about finding a relationship.


Men older than 60 have lots of expectations when dating and their expectations are usually different from those of younger men. We’ve included a list of their common expectations and how to satisfy them. Dating after 60 can be tough, especially if were married for many years and are re-entering the dating scene.